part1 document.

*Read Differing Attitudes towards Textual Reuse.

Write an “response”.

What should I do for the response?

1). Select 2 sentences to write about and copy them down. -Use quotation marks and note the author’s last name, the date of publication, and the page #.

2). Choose sentences that struck you as brilliant, disturbing, upsetting, or confusing. -Freewrite on each sentence for 5 minutes. Time yourself.

3).Choose a third sentence or idea that connects to an experience that you went through or another reading text. Paraphrase the sentence or idea and note the author’s last name, the date of publication, and the page #. -Write about the connection you found for 10 minutes.

Part2 document

**Using the handout on Differing Attitudes towards Textual Reuse, to develop characters for your own dialogue.

There are four sets of quotations reflecting various people’s attitudes about plagiarism. Read all of the quotes and discuss what kind of person might have said each of your quotes. Then, using your imagination, develop a character for that person.Give each character a name, an age, an occupation, etc., to help us visualize them. Then, extend their thinking to other types of plagiarism (patchwriting, inadequate attribution, cutting & pasting, buying a paper, using an editor or tutor to help you write, etc.) that they might not have referred to in the quote.

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