I’m wondering if you’d be able to help me with a few things pertaining to the previous essay you did for me.So for the essay outline that you did for me breaking it down the mains points of the thesis, (sub argument #1, explanation #1, etc…I need that done for all main ideas of the thesis.  I also need the evaluation of the source done according to the rubics…which I’ll attach here.  Also could you write out the first body paragraph for me.  My Prof needs me to break everything down which is such a pain.  I’ll resend the original breakdown of the thesis so you can just continue from there as well.the evaluation of the source was great except there is a guideline for how to do it…that guideline is attached  Well the body should be one page, and if you can just continue the thesis breakdown from the doc I sent that would be great….I will resend the edited essay for you to use as reference.The summary was great but the evaluation needs to be done according to the screenshot I sent.

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