Assignment: Education Analyzed Through Nonfiction and Fiction

In this week’s Assignment, you consider the  styles of creative nonfiction and fiction to relay messages concerning  women’s education experience.To prepare for this Assignment:Review the brief biographies of Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, and Ntozak Shange in the Women’s Voices and Social Change timeline media piece.Review the Angelou and Walker readings from this week’s Learning  Resources to uncover the authors’ perspectives on the value of  education.Review the “Glossary of Terms and Techniques for Literature and  Creative Writing” document for descriptions of creative nonfiction and  fiction.How would you describe the difference between the two styles of writing? Do you have a preference? Why?Consider people in your life who may have a strong sense of mother wit—natural wit or intelligence or innate knowledge. What distinguishes people with this type of knowledge?The Assignment:Write  a 2-page analysis of women’s educational experience as depicted in the  works of Angelou and Walker. Include evidence of formal education and  mother wit. How do these works support your understanding of formal  education vs. mother wit?

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