Write a passionate speech about something you feel strongly about. It should be at least two minutes long. You will be graded both on the text of the speech and on your delivery. The text of the speech should include what you have learned in this unit, including metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, and imagery. The speech should sound as if you really believe in what you are saying and want your listeners to believe in it, too.

Can’t think of anything to write about? Then punch up one of the following lifeless arguments, or write something that disagrees with one of them.

I wish schools would do something about bullies. They are a big problem. Many students are afraid to come to school because they are afraid of other students. Some of these students hit others every day. Sometimes they use words, making fun of people and embarrassing them. It is really hard to focus on school when you are afraid all the time.

High school athletes get too much special care and attention. In our school, they get away with things that would get other people suspended. They push other people around, too. Everybody thinks they are so cool. If you aren’t an athlete, everybody thinks you are nothing. Someday, the people who aren’t athletes are going to be successful, but that isn’t how it is now.

The way we elect our government leaders is not good. We have long election periods when we get ads on TV constantly. The candidates with the most money have the most ads. They attack the other candidates and say things that are exaggerations or even lies. They scare people away from their opponents for no good reason. We need to do things differently.

A reminder: In the Sentence Fluency section of this class, you were taught to avoid using phrases like I think, I believe, in my opinion, and it seems to me. These phrases don’t add anything to your writing, and they make it seem weak and timid, as if you really aren’t sure of yourself. Remember to avoid them in your speech!

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