Assignment: Propose an experiment

Use the article and video posted for this unit, as well as the text to assist you in doing this assignment.

Describe a correlation of a personality trait (e.g., impulsivity, aggression) with a particular behavior (e.g., assaults, test performance). Explain why we cannot infer that the trait caused the behavior based on the correlation.

Propose an original experiment to test if people high on the trait will behave differently from those low on the trait. In your proposal…

– state your hypothesis

– define the following in operational terms …

  • 1. the first independent variable (the situation, and its’ manipulation or treatment)
  • 2. the second independent variable (the trait, and how it is measured)
  • 3. the dependent variable (and its measurement)

– describe the experimental and control groups

– explain how and why you would use random assignment to create the treatment groups

– describe how you would control placebo effects, or experimenter effects

– Describe how you expect the trait and situation to interact in their effect on the dependent variable. How will people high on the trait respond to the manipulation compared to people low on the trait?…

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