Assignment: Your Professional Goals Revisited

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As you discovered through the readings this week, there are no simple answers to questions about the characteristics of high-quality early childhood professionals, or how to evaluate such quality. Additionally, there is a clear tension between ever-expanding expectations placed on early childhood professionals, the varied approaches to professional development, and the challenging realities of early childhood work environments. In light of these issues, as well as the others you have been studying in this course, it is worth your time and thought to pause and ask yourself: What does it mean to be an early childhood professional?

In Week 2 of the Foundations course, you formulated three professional goals that reflected your aspirations and professional expectations. Then, at the end of the course you revised your three goals in light of all you had learned. You have come a long way since then, and the content of this week provides the context appropriate to visiting your professional goals once again.

For this assignment, follow these guidelines:

  • Review all readings for this week and think about what you have learned in this course.
  • Take time to think about the other courses you have taken in your Masters program—Early Childhood Development and Effective Programs and Practices—and what you have learned about the field and yourself as an early childhood professional. Consider your professional aspirations and passion that has been tapped by your studies.
  • Review the three professional goals you developed in the Foundations course.
  • Modify, change, expand, and/or rewrite your original goals, and/or add additional goals to reflect your current thinking.


  • Your revised professional goals
  • A brief explanation addressing the following:
    • Specific ways in which the readings this week, the learning from this course, and what you have gained from your other courses have influenced the new formulation or revision of your professional goals
    • Any other ideas and/or insights that flowed into the process of restating or revising your professional goals

(Assignment length: approximately 2 pages)

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