AutoZone, Guggenheim Museum and Uvault Web Design

I’ve provided 2 discussions that need to be responded separately.

1-)After reviewing the three websites named AutoZone, Guggenheim Museum and Uvault, my opinions are described below.

Target audience for each website

Guggenheim Museum is a platform where various kinds of art exhibitions are held. People who have a thrust for acquiring the knowledge on art can be the targeted audience for this museum. The audience may include delight children, art lovers and design enthusiasts.

AutoZone is a website where different kind of parts and accessories of automobiles are offered in a low to moderate price for selling. The targeted audience for this website could be anyone from the age range of 18 to 90 who wants to have a service for their automobile or wants to buy any parts for their vehicles.

Uvault website is about a video platform which is used for live chat in online. The targeted audience for this website could be any work person who needs to communicate in online, government bodies or any kind of broadcasters either personal or enterprise level of broadcasters.

Summary and the contents that answer the who, what, why and where questions of each page

For the Guggenheim Museum, in the website they have mentioned every answer of the questions clearly. At the beginning they have shown a direction through which anyone can know the information about where and how they can go to the museum. They have also mentioned about the art exhibition, blogs related to it and events. They have also informed about the nearby restaurants for relaxation and food. Any change of schedule also mentioned there. An overall guidance map is indicated there for showing the ways, how will people with special needs can visit the place, they also planned for that. They have added many subsidiary links through which related information regarding many issues are described properly.

In the AutoZone website, they have given the answers of every questions clearly. Through their name, taglines or logo anyone can understand that who wants to provide the automobile related services. Besides, different links are provided in the upper side of the homepage that can guide the people with what they need and where will they find them. The website deals with what can easily be understood by different pictures given in the homepage. Copyright and privacy concerns are mentioned below the website.

The Uvault website has not given the instructions properly. There is no option or subsidiary link through which people could understand where to find the proper information. The website hardly gives answers to the questions. Besides, the construction of the homepage is also poor.

The best and worst website in my opinion and the improvement that I want to make in any of these websites

According to my opinion, the website of AutoZone could be told as an ideal website. The homepage of this website is well organized. At the upper side of the homepage, they made some links by clicking it people can find their desired needs. The have also mentioned of the best offers and their working policies like return policy, free shipping etc.

Uvault website delivers the poor performance among the three websites. There are no instructions given there. Only a video is provided there about how the video platform works and some frequent asking questions are mentioned in the website. There is no mention about who are they and why are they. I want to make many improvements of the website. Firstly, I want to add some subsidiary links so that people can know where to find their desired needs. Secondly, I want to add some taglines or logos through which who are they can be understood clearly. Thirdly, some privacy concerns need to add at the end of the page.


I reviewed Guggenheim Museum, AutoZone, and Uvault websites and understand various design features of these websites which I discussed below.

Guggenheim Museum: Guggenheim Museum website is a platform to inform people about art exhibitions in various cities which organized in Guggenheim Museum. The target population of this website would be any age group people who love art or buy some art pieces for themselves. Guggenheim Museum website content is placed in card layout on the Home page. The website well defines the Who, What, Why questions clearly but they do not mention clearly about Where Question as links is not mentioned on the Top or Left side of the page. They mentioned most of the links on subsidiary pages which a user wants to see them on the Home page. In their Home Page, they have mentioned about the exhibitions, events, and blogs. Also, they have mentioned about the privacy statement and copyright at the bottom of each page. On some subsidiary pages, there is no link to return to the Home page and user can only navigate to the Home page by clicking the backward button. The website has maintained visual identity by using the same color contrast on the Home page and subsidiary pages.

Autozone: Autozone website is about the accessories and parts of automobiles. The target audience for this website would be adults who are between 18 to 70 age group and wants to buy or avail different services related to the automobiles. On their Home page, they have clearly answered the Who question by company logo, name, and tagline. They have provided different links on the Home page to fulfill user needs which answer Where question and also provided various images and description to answer What question. On their home page, they provided different deals and gift cards which answer Why question. They have used the same color contrast on all web pages of the website and posted value-added content. For privacy concerns, they have posted privacy statement and copyright at the bottom of each page.

Uvault: Uvault website is a one-page website where all information posted on Home Page. As I opened this website, I do not clearly understand what this website is about. So, the website should provide the central idea or message on their website. There is a video posted on the website which defines how Uvault video platform works. I think they do not clearly mention Who they are and why they are? The target audience range for this website would be the traditional mom to pop shops, government agencies, enterprises and professional broadcasters who want to create live streams, playlists, uploading files and publishing media. For the call to action, they have provided a platform for a live chat online. The color contrast of website images and text is offering a decent view to the user.

According to me, the website which provided clear answers to the What, Why, Who and Where questions is Autozone. On their website, they have followed the same trend in terms of color, text, font, logo, name, tagline and multimedia which helps to develop a unique visual identity for this particular website brand. Also for user interactivity, they are offering Live chat and feedback options. On their website, they have provided customer testimonials and forum section where users can start a conversation or receive feedback from other users. As a user, I think Autozone website Home page fulfilling all needs and expectation which I want from an automobile service store.

The worst website in terms of answering What, Why, Who and Where questions and layout is Uvault because this website not mentioned clearly that what is the purpose of this website. After reading FAQs of this website, I understand that what services this website is offering. As a user, I think the central idea of the website should be portrayed through text or images. Therefore, a lot of changes needed on the Home page of this website. Firstly, there should be a brief description of this website on the Home page. Secondly, there should be different links to different video platforms which can navigate to the particular section of the same Home Page. Thirdly, they have mentioned about the copyright but not posted any Privacy statement on their website, which is necessary for any website to tell their users what kind of data website collect and what is the purpose. So there are few recommendations for Uvault website which they need to implement to achieve the goals of the website.

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