BBA3651 Columbia Southern Teams and Groups Within Organizations Research

  • Instructions

    Write a research paper that analyzes methods used to appropriately manage teams and groups within organizations. In your research paper, be sure to include the following elements:

    • Distinguish between a group and a team.
    • Distinguish between Teamthink and Groupthink ( in the Manz & Neck article), and identify benefits and drawbacks.
    • Discuss the process of evolving a group into a team and the importance of organizational culture in that process.
    • Discuss leadership styles that are effective for successful management of multicultural groups and teams.
    • Include a discussion on any aspect of leadership covered in the course that was of particular interest to you. All topics do not need to be included, but followership, ethics, leadership styles, multicultural leadership are all topics that have been studied, and any one (or more) that you found particularly interesting could be incorporated into the discussion.

    Utilize the CSU Online Library to locate five sources to use as references that support your research paper. Your research paper should be four to six pages in length.Be sure to include the rubric elements from the guidelines below:

    • Your introduction should engage the reader and clearly present the thesis and a summary of the main points to clarify your point of view.
    • The review of the literature should present a critical analysis and synthesis of the existing research.
    • The discussion should reveal insightful analysis of research.
    • A summary should be present that reviews or summarizes key points and provides a smooth transition between sections.
    • The writing should be clear and concise with proper sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, and it should be free from spelling errors.
    • The number of academically credible sources should meet the requirements and should be properly cited, per APA standards.

    The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.

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    Unit VII Expectations

    Attached Files:

    Students:You will continue the topics from the last unit in addition to learning about the process of evolving a group into a team and the importance of organizational culture in that process and to describe the benefits and drawbacks of having groups or teams in terms of groupthink vs team think. Please refer to Unit VII Study Guide for all your reading assignments. The reading assignments may be found in the CSU library. The Study Guides for each unit will list all your reading assignments going forward and will be relevant to the assessment/assignment for each week. Unit 7 Research Paper is due for this unit; please refer to the syllabus for detailed instructions. Please find an example of a research paper attached. It is important to research and obtain material for your paper and discuss your findings in detail.
    Review the rubric for the assessment and the discussion board question and comment for clarification on expectations. You may access the rubric in “My Grades” through the “Tools” button in your course menu. Click the “View Rubric” link to see the evaluation criteria for the assignment and discussion boards.

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