Attached Files:PSY110 – Research Literature Review Project.docx (56.309 KB)For this assignment, you will identify six sources (no more than three of which can be websites) you will use in your research.Instructions:Review the document, “PSY110 Research Literature Review Project” for details on the project and due dates.Unit three (3) deliverable – Bibilography.Use Unit 2 Research Question attachment to help gather sources (no more than 3 online)Requirements:Prepare a bibliography of at least six reputable sources (other than course materials) written within the last five years.Note: In an APA-style, sources are listed on the “References” page, so please use that term at the top of your page rather than “Bibliography”.This assignment will include the Title Page and References page only.Refer to APA attachment for guidanceUnit 3: Bibliography:1. Review your instructor’s feedback on the research questions you submitted in Assignment 2 (Research Question) and select only one question to guide your research.2. Using two to three key words or key phrases related to your topic, conduct an Internet and traditional library search to compile a bibliography for your research question.3. Here are some tips to remember:· Make sure to include a minimum of six print-based sources. For example, magazines or journals that have an online and print presence. You may also use digital books such as eBooks that are available through Deets Library.· Use established sources for your research.· Good sites include peer-reviewed journals (Psychology Today, Journal of Abnormal Psychology), scientific magazines and newspapers (Scientific American, The New York Times), and books.· Be wary of: Wikipedia; sites that end in .com or .net; papers posted to the Internet (these may be graduate theses and are not peer reviewed); and personal sites.

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