1.In this part of the comprehensive project, students will select a research question of their choosing. It is best to find one that interests you, however, it is also permissible to simply be creative. The research questions should be unique, not simply a retesting of a known hypothesis or result that already exists in the field.

2.Students will submit a 3 page explanation of what the research question is along with a formal hypothesis. Students should be able to articulate why they chose this particular topic.

3. APA style

4. Great grammar and punctuation.

5. APA references page

I think we have to write why this is something I would like to do.

(why)-> recently I became closer to borderline personality disorder while my best friend was just diagnosed. So that s why.

SO, I found two nice article about Borderline personality disorder, now. My question is that.


you can also go and see other resources.

IT’s ok if you will pick up some hypothesis based on that articles, I was thinking about trauma (MOTHER VS CHILD), but there is already research showing that that Borderline mother is easly to pass down border. Line. Pers. Disor. What about healthy mothers, how that is happening that children from NON borderline Mother have Borderline personality disorder. How the trauma occur, in what stage exacly, etc. I also think right now, what kind of laving cause borderline (main factor for borderline is that they are scare to being abandoned.

What do you think>??

If there is anything you come up with after reading articles let me know, so I can accept it and than you can write this for me,

I need help.


IF not

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