Brain Structures and common activities

Below are 2 lists. One is a list of brain structures, the other a list of common activities. Choose 3 activities, and for each activity, choose 3 brain structures (or systems) for a total of 9 structures.

and explain how they might be involved in that activity. Be sure to

justify your responses with information from class or from the text.

This is a paper; so write it in essay format. Your paper should be 2-3

pages, double-spaced.


Watching a horror movie

Giving a speech

Asking a question in class

Being caught speeding

Driving a car

Talking on the phone

Preparing your lunch


Reading your textbook

Going to a concert

Playing your favorite sport

Writing an essay

Brain structures:


Occipital lobe

Basal forebrain

Parasympathtic NS

Broca’s area

Parietal lobe


Raphe System

Corpus callosum

Reticular Formation

Frontal lobe

Sympathetic nervous system


Temporal lobe




Wernicke’s area

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