Step 1. Read A Code Makers Guide,

Step 2. Conduct a frequency analysis on the following text using the attached PDF. ( read the M6 and M62 PDF )

A frequency count is tallying (counting) how many times each letter appears in a text.

Text to analyze

This worldwide reach benefited from close OSS contacts with British intelligence services. The British had much to teach their American pupils when COI opened its London office in November 1941. Both sides gained from the partnership. OSS needed information, training, and experience, all of which the British organizations could provide. The British good-naturedly envied the relative wealth of resources seemingly at the command of OSS and other American agencies and hoped to share in that bounty to expand their own operations against the Axis. Despite a mutual desire to cooperate, however, relative harmony between OSS and its British counterparts took time to achieve.

You can print and use the attached sheet for your frequency count.

Step 3. Decode the following message using the instructions in the Code Maker’s Guide and the frequency analysis you performed.


1. Use your frequency analysis to see if you can guess any of the letters – e.g., “I” and “a” are the only one-letter words. Determine the five most and least used letters in the text. Determine common two-letter combinations and their frequencies (e.g., how often does “th” occur, compared to “t” followed by anything else?)

2. Try using the secret password POLT in a cipher.

Step 4. Write a copy of the decoded message in the submission text box below.

Step 5. Write your submission on what you learned conducting this analysis. Make sure you define analysis. Answer the question what did you learn about intelligence analysis from breaking the cipher? Minimum 250 word submission.

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