• Write a response of at least 350 words (1–1½ pages, double-spaced) for each prompt you select (note that the word count is for each answer, not all 5 answers combined).
  • Include:A cover pageIn-text citations in the body of the paper in current APA formatA reference list at the end of the paper that includes all sources cited in the paper in current APA formatRetype or copy/paste the number and prompt before answering.


  • Discuss some of the challenges children with ASD face in terms of developing play and friendships. How are play and friendships integral to children’s learning and development?
  • List and discuss all of the steps recommended when conducting a functional behavioral assessment and implementing a positive behavior support plan. Further, discuss why it is crucial to collect information on an ongoing basis when implementing a positive behavioral support plan.
  • List and explain 2 implications of the brain basis of autism.
  • Why do the authors (Buron and Wolfberg) believe intellectual disability should not be a separate diagnosis in autism?
  • Discuss why intention reading is central to social‐pragmatic theory.
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