BUAD 262 Organizational Behavior Portfolio Project

  1. To provide an opportunity to review many forms of media and apply the concepts you learn in this course to relevant items.
  2. To heighten your awareness of the many changes (positive and negative) that are affecting workplaces and workforces.
  3. To provide an opportunity to show your creativity in the production of a portfolio of OB-related learning.
  4. One movie + one television program (no more than 2-3 years old) “my topic”

For each of the above areas, you must include a summary of the item (and if practical, also include a copy of the item). Next you are to identify the OB concepts or theories which apply to the chosen item, and explain how they connect. Then you are to judge the significance of the item (i.e. Why is it important? Does it align with theory or run counter to the theoretical ideal?).

Think of the three following questions in your analysis. Marks will be provided for correct identification, quality explanation, and critique/judgement of each item (see details on grading sheet on page 4):

  • What does this item tell you about organizational behaviour?
  • How does it apply to what you have learned throughout class?
  • How much does it seem to follow/refute the theoretical ideal?

PLUS one other section: a personal reflection by each of the team members.

  • A summary of how each person in your team has learned and/or improved their perceptions, skills, and knowledge in order to adapt and thrive in the workplaces of today. You are encouraged to consider your top few “take-aways” from this course, and how it has helped you to be better positioned for success in a business environment. It is recommended that each personal summary refer to two or three OB concepts (note: they do not need to be the same concepts for everyone!). Please provide individual headings for each student’s personal summary.

The key outcome of this assignment is to provide an analysis as to how these items (or groups of items) reflect the material we have discussed throughout the course. Remember, your overall goal in this assignment is to showcase OB in Action in a creative way through a portfolio medium. You can prepare it like a report, or a scrapbook, or other. The key is that the topics of discussion are clearly labelled and the analysis is succinct and well supported. Please discuss your ideas with your professor if you are feeling unsure about the format of your deliverable or the approach you should take.

It is strongly recommended that you review at least one item and its commentary with your professor, in advance, to obtain feedback. This will ensure you are on the right track with your selection of items, and are completing the portfolio that will meet (or exceed) expectations.

“ob portfolio project final pdf” is the example of the work.

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