Build a Persona and create a Storyboard

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You can access the Smart home app prototype in the following link:

Part 1: Build a persona to understand your users and how you enrich their lives:

Instructions: Create a persona for a fictional user of your smart home automation system. The persona should be one page in length and include Name, Picture, Demographics, Title/Responsibilities, Goals/Frustrations, Quote, all combined into a narrative. Tip: Think of whom most of your target users will be, and attempt to create a persona that covers their major needs. Deliverable: One page persona (Word document).

Part 2: Storyboarding:

Instructions: Pick one feature of your smart home automation system to storyboard. Your storyboard should follow the design guidelines outlined in the lectures and reading assignment. You should also put your persona from Part 2 into your storyboard. You may draw the storyboard be hand, either on paper or digitally. Optional: You may use photos/images within your storyboard. Deliverable: One storyboard as well as a separate accessible version of your Storyboard (i.e., a detailed description of all visual elements of your storyboard). Submit as a Word document.

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