Please read the article regarding Business and Environmental Ethics.


What is Norman Bowie’s position, and what are the two extreme approaches that Hoffman sees Bowie as trying to avoid?  On what grounds does Hoffman reject Bowie’s stance?

Why is Hoffman critical of the position that “good ethics is good business”?  How is his argument relevant to the effort to get corporations to be more environmentally responsible?

Explain the difference between a homocentric approach and a biocentric approach to environmental ethics?  Why does Hoffman favor a biocentric approach?  Which position do you find more persuasive and why?  Debate this issue…

If what is in the best interests of human beings is usually in the best interests of the rest of nature, why does Hoffman think it is bad for the environmental movement to rely on arguments based on human interests?

Finally, with regard to preserving and protecting the environment, who has the most important role to play?  The government, individual consumers, or business?  Discuss…

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