Business Law Discussion for the case of Stella Liebeck v. McDonald’s

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Research the case of Stella Liebeck v. McDonald’s and enter your answers in the text submission. Number your answers. Don’t upload a document.

  1. What are three reasons why Mrs. Liebeck’s injury was foreseeable?
  2. Why wasn’t the accident her own fault?
  3. How bad were her injuries?
  4. How much did McDonald’s offer her before trial?
  5. How much money did the jury award her?
  6. How much did she actually get?
  7. Why does McDonald’s win all of these cases now?
  8. Find a story online about another case like this (there are many) – where a customer sued a restaurant after being burned by any hot food or beverage – but where the restaurant won the case. Don’t use any that are in the book or any that aren’t over yet. Just explain in a couple of sentences what happened and why the restaurant won. Look past page one of your search results – extra credit if you’re the only one to use your case.
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