Part 1 of your business plan consists of Sections 2, 4, 5 and 6 below, which is consistent with the readings for Module 2.

Note: The numbers are purposefully out of sequence. You will fill in the rest of the information in future modules.

1. Retain the numbers/headers.

2. DELETE ALL INSTRUCTIONS, so your business plan is not structured in question and answer format.

3. Submit YOUR OWN WORK! Do not copy/paste content from the Internet or from a pre-written b-plan. If you do, you will be at risk for plagiarism and the consequences.

4. When you incorporate outside research, be sure to reference your resources. Either the footnote method or APA (in-text and end Reference) format is required.

After receiving feedback, you will amend and incorporate these segments into your final business plan.

2. Mission Statement

Provide the purpose of the organization and identify key values.

4. Industry Profile and Overview

Examine trends, environmental factors, barriers to entry, and keys to success.

5. Competitor Analysis

Identify and describe key competitors, including specific considerations about what will make your company different. Both present and future competitors should be evaluated.

6. Business Strategy

Identify type of company and a general overview of the business model.

This term I may make a business plan for a chocolate company. The name of this company is Tony’s Chocolonely. I once bought the products of this company in the supermarket. The packaging of this product has attracted me with its slogan. Currently, Tony’s Chocolonely has a zero-advertising budget policy that limits brand awareness. In order to increase brand awareness and increase shareholders’ wealth, I propose that Tony’s Chocolonely opens up a business to business to consumer channel. I am proposing that Tony’s Chocolonely use the combined horizontal and vertical simultaneity, when the B2B and B2C points occur conjointly, leading with the brand initially targeting only one type of customer market then extending its business also to the other type of customers. In other words, by incorporating your product into other corporations’ already distinguished products Tony’s Chocolonely can increase its brand awareness.

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