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Consider the discussion concerning the importance of sound decision making that has occurred in the past three weeks. It is important to know that possessing a valuable leader trait such as an ability to make a decision can have both positive and negative effects – dependent upon the circumstance (Toor & Ogunlana, 2009). For example, decisions can be bias, especially when there is a benefit to the decision maker; and decisions can have consequences when there is uncertainty. Leadership training is an integral factor in determining effectiveness. Without proper training, employees risk losing faith in the leader, and organizations risk losing revenue.

In fact, Pepe (2010) pointed out that leadership begins with involvement and clear expectations, which are essential denominators in terms of employee commitment to an organization. Moreso,Zaccaro and Horn (2003) argued that due to limited resources concerning leadership best practices, there have been missed opportunities to foster leader growth.

The point is, poor leadership [poor decision making] often has consequences in which employee’s perspectives are altered, and in turn, the negative experience forces employees to find employment elsewhere.

Review the link below, and provide a substantive response “SUPPORTED BY RESEARCH”on the importance of leadership and sound decision making:

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