Course Learning Objective:

CO4: Assess the impact that customers, employees, management, vendors, and service suppliers have on a quality program.

Assignment Prompt:

For this assignment, you are to create a table in Microsoft Word that organizes all the possible positive and negative influences each of your company’s stakeholders can have on the business you have been working on over the past two week (see attachments). Additionally, you will include one or two possible strategies to improve, grow, or increase the positive influence or diminish any negative influences.

Consider both the quality of the products and the quality of services you are offering when assigning influences and strategies. Think carefully and be thorough regarding your answers. Your instructor is looking for deep of critical thinking regarding each stake-holder group and how they affect your business success, growth, and profitability. Each one of these groups will have more impact on the quality of your business than you initially think. Look at your business from every angle.

  • Customers/end users
  • Vendors/suppliers
  • Distributors/retailers (if used to sell products)
  • Employees
  • Logistics suppliers (Final product shippers)
  • Management
  • Other Stakeholders (if any)


Please use the attached pre-formatted Word document for this assignment. The table you complete will be assessed based on your (a) depth of thought into all of the impacts each group of “stakeholders” can have on your organization, (b) the thoroughness of your strategies, and (c) the creativity you put into the examples you create in each category. Please note, a “Strategy” is not a continuation of the current methods, policies, procedures, or programs. A strategy is a plan for improvement, or growth.

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