Caine’s Arcade The Power Of Vision And Communication Vision Case Study

Part I 250 to 300 words

In your discussion posting, address the following:

  • What was Caine thinking about?
  • Why did Caine’s Arcade morph to the extraordinary?
  • What lessons can you take from this video and apply to leadership and communication?
  • Have you ever taken note of “the extraordinary among the ordinary?” If so, tell us that story. If not, think back and consider whether you may have actually been exposed to “the extraordinary among the ordinary” and may not have realized it at first, and share that story with your classmates.

Part 2 250 to 300 words words

Share your thoughts on the following on the Discussion Board.

  • How do your organization’s leaders communicate and reinforce the vision?
  • What is your organization’s vision? Is it ingrained in you?
  • Does your leadership under communicate?
  • What suggestions would you make to them?
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