The project for this course is the development of a series of group counseling sessions that target a particular population. Imagine that you are making a presentation to a group of colleagues about your population, the need for group counseling, and how you are going to prepare and design your groups. Include specific details such as how you will evaluate the effectiveness of the group. Your group counseling presentation should be in reference to your future field of study; for example, school, mental health, and so on. This project will become an important part of your overall counseling portfolio and can be implemented, if you choose, during your practicum. Be sure to choose an area of concern that has practical interest to you.

There are guidelines to help you develop your final project, but ultimately, you will need to decide what considerations best fit the needs of the particular group you are proposing. The guiding principle is that successful groups are well thought out and well structured, with specific goals in mind. Typically, time-limited closed groups should include anywhere between 8 and 10 sessions depending on your setting. For instance, in a school counseling setting, 8 weeks may be all that is possible. A closed group is one where new members are not added after the group begins. Remember that whenever you take or adapt materials or activities from other sources, you must include a citation and a reference.

Project Components

Project ComponentCourse Grade WeightUnit Due
Topic Selection1%2
Literature Review and Group Proposal25%7
Group Presentation29%10

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[u02a1] Unit 2 Assignment 1

Topic Selection

When selecting a topic for your course project, consider your field of study. For example, a good topic for someone in the school counseling program might be “eating disorders and high school girls,” while someone in the addictions program might choose “drug abuse for elderly males.”

  • Begin by clearly stating what type of group you are choosing and which population it serves.
  • Provide a clear statement explaining the topic and the rationale for choosing it. This should not exceed two paragraphs.
  • Identify the theoretical approach you will use with your group.
  • Include any articles, books, or other sources of information that have helped you choose this topic. Cite and reference these materials appropriately. A minimum of two sources is required for this portion of the project.
  • Submit your assignment to your instructor in the assignment area. Your instructor will provide you with feedback and approve your selected topic.

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