Capstone discussion responses

In response to your peers, offer feedback on ways to address their issues.Post #1 :Tiffany MahaffeyHello Professor and Class,I have noticed the overuse of emergency rooms and how they are costing the hospital more money, so certain illnesses should be directed to an urgent care instead. For this proposal, there really is not a direct affected population because this issue affects everyone in the community. It affects everyone in the community because the hospital ends up having to spend a lot of extra money and tend to lose money that the hospital might have to increase their charges to make up for what they lost. So, the population that I hope this reaches the most is the uninsured and the underinsured so they will know to start going to an urgent care instead of the emergency room and they will understand the difference between the two.The main problem I am having working on this draft is actually getting started and knowing what direction that I want to go because I do not want to get far into it and then there be a road block and I cannot go any further. However, once I get started then I can usually keep going. Also, trying to find out who I need to address my proposal to.Post #2Daniel NeffThroughput, from the ICU to the floor, is an inefficient process that takes too much time and includes many variables that can be improved upon. This topic includes several target populations, but for the sake of this class, we can focus on the administrative population. Administration controls multiple variables in the throughput process. Administration is in charge of communicating with the ICU of available beds on the floor when they are notified a patient is ready to move. The need for this variable is a more efficient communication process. Administration is in charge of supplying a telemetry box for the patient when they move to the floor. The need for this variable is that many times, a telemetry box isn’t available for several hours. A more efficient allocation process of telemetry boxes or purchasing more telemetry boxes would be the need. Administration is responsible for allowing floors to have acceptable staffing ratios on the floor, so they can be ready to take patients from the ICU. Sometimes, the floor will call the ICU and say they cannot take the patient out of the ICU, because there aren’t enough nurses to accept the patient. The need here would be for better staffing ratios.Other target populations include physicians and nursing. The physicians are responsible for signing off on ICU patients when they are ready to move to the floor. Nursing is required to get the patient ready for the floor and move them to the floor. These two populations, physicians and nursing, could allocate their time more efficiently when moving patients to the floor.At this point, I am not necessarily having any issues with this draft.

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