• Open your DISCUSSION BOARD folder to participate in our class discussion (after you have viewed the video clip). Please post at least one response to each of your instructor’s original questions

Instructor’s question(s): Discussion forum is worth 10 total points.

  • Read the brief descriptions of the students’ responses to a class in career counseling on pp. 1-2 of your text and discuss whether you relate to any of these responses and why. (1 points)
  • Your text discusses the meaning of work across time and the linking of work with worth. How have you seen this play out (or not) as you look at the career development of your grandparents, parents, and now your generation? (2 points)
  • Which future trends in career development interventions do you think will have the greatest impact on the profession and why? (2 points)
  • Indicate the clientele that you would most like to work with once you have graduated and are a practicing professional. (1 point)
  • After viewing the video clips on clients’ experiences with career counseling, discuss the type of benefit that your preferred clientele might receive from effective career counseling. Use the video and the competencies and performance indicators on pp. 20-23 to inform your response. (2 points) -> see chapter pdf files

I uploaded chapter material

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