TYPE: Individual

WORD COUNT: 1000 – 1500 words (excluding Table of Contents, References and Appendices)


Identify an organisation, in your city in Australia (wherever you are located – Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney), understand its profile and do a SWOT analysis. The organisation has to be located in the city, have operational presence in Australia (for eg. it may be a US organisation with a strong presence/regional HQ in Australia).

Structure of the Assignment:

• Table of Contents (not included in the word count)

 1. Profile of the organisation including mission, vision

2. Organisation structure and presence (local and international)

 3. SWOT Analysis

4. Recommendations and Conclusion

• References (not included in the word count – 20 references required, in Harvard referencing style.

Any research conducted have to fall between 2015-2018 only for this assignment as the website being used for research need to be current.

Please review the rubric to clearly understand the marks distribution and weight.

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