While public health surveillance has traditionally focused on   infectious diseases, public health officials are now targeting environmental   issues, occupational matters, injuries, chronic diseases, birth defects,   risky health behaviors, and genetics. It is for this reason that statistical   data has become vital for public health officials, and why for public health   officials, it is important to be able to use and interpret data.

For the Unit IV Case Study, research the sources of data in your   community, and address the following points.

Briefly describe your local sources of data used by public   health officials.

Discuss one strength and limitation of collecting data in your   community.

Describe an intervention or program to address a public health   issue in your community. Provide an example of how data was interpreted to   the local community in the intervention or program. Please provide a link to   the intervention or program.

The case study must be a minimum of three pages in length,   excluding the title and reference pages. To support your ideas, use a minimum   of three outside sources; one may be the textbook. Additionally, use a source   that focuses on your community, such as a newspaper or journal article. 

Assignment must be formatted using APA style, including in-text   citations and references.

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