Case Study 5

Case Study 5 due Friday @ 11:59pmThe statements in each Case Study must be at least 3-5 pages of text, supported by at least 1 scholarly source, with an APA-formatted references list and in-text citations. Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM.Chapter 13, “Applications: Evaluating Staffing Process Results”: answer questions 1–4.Determine the yield ratios (offer receivers/applicants, new hires/applicants), time lapse or cycle times (days to offer, days to start), and retention rates associated with each recruitment source.What is the relative effectiveness of the three sources in terms of yield ratios, cycle times, and retention rates?What are some possible reasons for the fact that the three sources differ in their relative effectiveness?What would you recommend Dexter do differently in the future to improve his evaluation of the staffing process?

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