a) reveal, divulge or make known to any person, firm or corporation, the contents of any formula, chemical compound, product or other substance owned or developed by the Company; or the method, process or manner of manufacturing, compounding or preparing any such formulae, compounds, products or substances; or sell, exchange or give away, or otherwise dispose of any formula, compound, product or substance now or hereafter owned by the Company, whether the same shall or may have been originated, discovered or invented by the Employee or otherwise;

b) reveal, divulge or make known to any person, firm or corporation, any secret or confidential information whatsoever, in connection with the Company or its business; or anything connected therewith; or the name of any other information pertaining to its customers or suppliers;

c) solicit, interfere with or endeavour to entice away from the Company, any customer or supplier or any other person, firm or corporation having dealings with the Company; or interfere with or entice away any other officer or employee of the Company.

The case is in PDF uploaded

If you were Mary, what would you do?

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