Causes, Correlates, and Consequences, you will provide a background analysis of the problem that explores the causes, the people affected, and the consequences that result from the problem.

Critical Elements to Address in this Section of the Paper:

1. What data support the existence of the problem? (you need to do a little research here. Include a solid paragraph with some data)
2. Correlates: Who and what social groups are affected by this problem? (Another paragraph should do here as well)
3. Causes: What are some of the potential causes that have led to this problem? (What are the causes…economic, political, cultural, personal choice, social…do a little research and bring some of your own analysis to the paper)
4. Consequences: What are the consequences of the problem for the people affected, the community, or the state/country? (So what? Well, what are the consequences for the people affected? Do a little research and bring some of your own ideas to the paper)


This section of the paper should be 3-5 paragraphs.
Include data such as statistics to support your analysis.
Include two outside sources (e.g. academic articles, newspaper articles, or websites)

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