please write an essay for each following five questions from the textbook that I attached

Chapter 4

1. Using the CNN Article by Matthew McFarland from 2017 discuss the impact Robots on having on different types of jobs. Include a reference to low risk and high risk areas as well as your opinion on the impact Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are having on the job market today and into the future.

Chapter 5

2. Define an Enterprise system and describe the uses and benefits of at least 2 examples of Enterprise systems?

3. From the “Business Process and Information Technology – How They Fit Together” Video, please describe what is meant by the 3 Layer Model. What is the model made up of and name at least 1 Business Process described in the video.

Chapter 6

4. Explain why and how Mohawk transformed their business from making paper to making connections. Refer to their use of technology and the Vision to Implementation components (strategy  architecture  infrastructure) required to be successful.

5. Based on the “What is the Cloud” section of the HBR article “What every CEO needs to Know about the Cloud”, name the 3 categories of offerings and describe the similarities across these 3 areas.

Thank you

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