Character Biography Wiki Page

For this project, I want you to create a web page on any character you have encountered in literature (from 1865-present) that you want to introduce and examine in depth. Find a character you love that you wish to share with us. It should be a character presented to you in a short story or novel as he/she will have been developed in depth by the author. You can look at the example I provided below (attached)

Your character’s page should contain the following information:

  1. Picture/Image: Based on the descriptions in the story, what does your character look like? Use this as your framework for locating an image that clearly depicts the physical appearance of your protagonist. If a movie has been made of your story, you can use an image of the actor/actress representing this character. Remember that there are copyright issues associated with using pictures or images from the internet, so make sure the image you choose is not of a real person you don’t know and that you credit the original source of the chosen image. You can refer to Rules for Writers for the correct way to cite and document an image. You can take a picture of a friend (with his/her permission, of course), draw an image using your creative skills, or use an animated, use book cover renderings or other drawn images you discover on the internet. Just make sure you tell us where this picture has come from.
  2. Character Sketch: Based on everything you know of this character from your reading of the text, tell us about him/her. Introduce her creator, the author, and the book in which she lives. Who is she? What are his conflicts, desires, needs, goals, obsessions? Where does he/she live? How does living in this area affect him, his choices, his ability to get what he wants/desires? What stands in her way of getting what she wants or desires? Is she a complex or simple character? What traits make her complex/simple? Who are his friends/enemies? How does he relate to friends/enemies? This should be two paragraphs long (minimum 15 sentences each) and you should quote from the text for support.
  3. Character’s Hobbies/Interests/Talents: What are this character’s hobbies or interests? What do these choices say about him/her? How do these hobbies/interests help or hurt him? Define him? How did he come to possess these hobbies, interests, talents? How do they shape his identity and his choices?
  4. Strengths/Weaknesses: What are his strengths and weaknesses? Where do they stem from? How do they affect him and his choices in the story? How do they affect his relationships?
  5. 5 Fun Facts: Provide us with five fun and unique facts about the character.
  6. 3 Famous Sayings: Provide us with three phrases that the character has uttered in the story. For each one, explain what the passage reveals about your character – his depth, her agency.
  7. Lessons Learned: What major lessons have you learned from this character? Explain using details from the literary text.
  8. Author’s reason for creating this character: Based on what you’ve read, why do you think the author created this character? What is the significance of this character to the larger themes of the work of literature? Does he act as a foil character whose purpose is to highlight the traits of another character? Back this up with evidence from the literary work.
  9. Your reason for choosing this character: Explain in 1-2 paragraphs why you chose this particular character. This is your chance to explore your thoughts, concerns, and reasons for your fascination or repulsion by him/her.
  10. The relevance of Character: No matter when this character was created by his/her parent, why is this character still relevant today? Explain what aspects of humanity or life this character holds relevance and should be introduced to the next generation.
  11. Works Cited: End your character page with a Works Cited section, adhering to MLA-style rules for in-text citations and formatting of sources.
  12. Leave Comments: For full credit, please leave substantive comments on at least five people’s sites.

Elements that I should see:

  1. Visual appeal: This is a web page, so make it attractive and visually appealing to hold your audience’s attention. Make them linger on your page. Add images, links to sites we should visit, or even videos that somehow appeal to the project’s focus. Maybe you want to make a video of your character, have a friend dress up as the character and act out a scene from the story, or you can conduct an interview with the character: People Want to Know!
  2. Personal Investment: The more you give me, the more you invest in this project/page/character, the more you let me know that you are invested, that you care. This means more to your instructors than you know, so show me your passion, your angst, your commitment. You can do this by proofreading your writing, not waiting to the last minute and give me subpar work, following the guidelines, and go the extra mile. Give me something more – in addition to what’s there –something I didn’t think of that I may want to add in the future. Wow me!
  3. Textual Evidence: Provide textual evidence when you can. Examine the character in relation to the book/short story, the other characters in the book/story, and his/her setting. Give us a thorough portrait of this character – this human being – so that we understand his place, her relevance in history, literature, the place in which he/she lives.
  4. Adherence to MLA-Style Rules: Introduce your quotes and in-text citations and provide page numbers. All images, links to articles or news, videos, and the book/short story referenced must be included in your Works Cited section. If they are not on your Works Cited page, then this is plagiarism.
  5. Avoidance of Plagiarism: Don’t copy anything off the internet; this is your project, your character analysis, and sketch. Use your books or the short story to draw an accurate portrait of your character. If you do plagiarize, you will receive an F for the entire project.

you can do all of this on a word soc, and then later I will make it into a wiki page which is provided by my Professor.

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