After you’re done please save file as .pdf and submit both .ai and .pdf files

Imagine that you are the chief designer of an in-house design group of a large department store. The head of the Digital Department has asked you to help with a presentation that shows how computers, scanners, and printers have been selling in comparison to one another over the last four weeks. Specifically, she wants you to create a graph that emphasizes how many more scanners she sells each week than computers or printers.You have gathered the weekly sales data from each of the three departments and collected it in the table below. You are now ready to start work on your graph.




Week One




Week Two




Week Three




Week Four





  • Create a new CMYK Color document, then save it as Sales. (Think about what would be the best type of graph to convey the data. Decide the colors and fonts that you will use in the graph.)
  • Draw a simple bar graph that is 4” X 4” showing the sales relationships among the three products.
  • Enter the data from the table above in the Graph Data window.
  • Create a column graph that is 4” X 4” using the same data.
  • Select the Scanners group using the Group Selection tool, then apply the line graph type to it.
  • Change the color and thickness of the line graph so that it is easy to see.
  • Format the rest of the graph (labels, Printers group, and Computers group).
  • Save your work and submit.
  • In your final document, you should end up with 2 separate art boards that each contain a chart. One chart will be your original “simple Bar Graph” that you create in step one to help visualize the data. This step exists to assist in your planning of the second chart. The second will contain a Column Graph in which the Scanners data is converted to a Line.

Save file as .pdf and submit both .ai and .pdf files

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