Step 1: Before doing the reading, determine whether you agree or disagree with each of the statements on the Guide. Indicate your agreement/disagreement with a checkmark in the appropriate box in the “Agree/Disagree?” column.

Step 2: Next, do the required reading in sufficient time to complete the Guide and submit it by its due date and time.

Step 3: During or after your reading, decide whether your original agree/disagree decision for each statement was correct, based on information you’ve found in the text. Indicate whether you were right/wrong with a checkmark in the appropriate box in the “Were You Right?” column.

Step 4: In the “Why/Why Not?” column, write a few sentences about why you were correct or incorrect with your initial guess. Try to think critically about how new information has supported or changed your original belief and communicate this in your answer. 1. Be careful NOT

use file CHEM 425 RSVP5

READ HPLC…., AND Van-deemter…

see the guide

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