Child Development 101

Answer all this questions 3-5 sentences.

  • Do people sometimes act on thoughts that are not true?
  • Does what a child learns depend on what culture he or she experiences?
  • Do all humans strive for the same goals?
  • Why is it better to use several theories to understand human development rather than just one?

8. What three things do theories do?

9. What is the relationship between theories and facts?

Chapter 3

  • What is the relationship between genes and chromosomes?
  • Is twinning genetic or can a person choose to have twins?
  • How could a person have the gene for something that is never apparent?
  • If both parents have alcoholism, will their children have alcoholism, too?
  • Why are some children born with Down syndrome?

6. How many pairs of chromosomes and how many genes does a person usually have?

7. What causes the similarities of all humans?

Chapter 4

  • When do the most important parts of the fetus form?
  • Does medical assistance safeguard or impede the birth process?
  • Why do substances and circumstances sometimes harm the fetus and sometimes have no impact?
  • If tiny newborns survive, are they still affected by low birthweight years later?
  • Why do some mothers suffer from postpartum depression, and how does that affect the baby?

6. What are three major developments in the germinal period?

7. What body parts develop during the period of the embryo?

8. How much weight does the fetus gain, and when?

9. How does brain development affect survival?

10. What occurs between the age of viability and full-term development?

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