Chinese History Yu Hua, China in Ten Years

Your Essay should be based on historical evidence.

Book needed:

Yu Hua, China in Ten Years

Evan Osnos, Age of Ambition

In the attached book, China In Ten Words, Yu Hua, a renowned Chinese writer, discussed contemporary China through his own personal experiences. He often uses his memory of the Cultural Revolution to comment on various aspects of contemporary China, pointing out, in his opinion,the continuities and changes of the two eras. In his book, Age of Ambition, Evan Osnos presents the different views of two prominent Chinese economists. Lin Yifu and Wu Jinglian, on the roles and priorities of government and democracy in the economic development of contemporary China. Based on the books, do you think that Yu is more likely to be sympathies to Lin’s or Wu’s view?

Hint: Please review Yuhua, pp.3-14, 113-180 and Osnos, chapter 10.

3 page double spaced 12 found MLA format.

IMPORTANT Use and only use the materials that are mentioned IMPORTANTC NO OUTSIDE SOURCE!!!!!!!

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