cinema( need to watch the Movie: Cabin in the woods

1. Please use your assignment sheet to guide your discussion.  Keep your story summary brief and use the paradigm to organize your comments.  Be certain to explore and discuss the technical aspects of your film.  Refer to your analysis PDF to assist you.2. This week we are contrasting Film Noir with Horror while also exploring expectations and archetypes.  Film Noir and Horror films can seem very similar in their visual design (on the surface). Both genres heavily utilize low key lighting.  Both cultivate shadows, symbolically suggesting the unknown. But… the narratives are often very, very different.  Where Noir seeks to explore/expose our collective failings as a society, Horror is usually working to explore/expose our greatest fears. Horror will also often use archetypes avoiding the need for heavy character development. Use your PDF to help you here.  This week, let’s discuss:How does The Cabin in the Woods conform (in look, characters, actions) to our expectations of Horror?How does The Cabin in the Woods challenge (in look, characters, actions) our expectations of Horror?Discuss how The Cabin in the Woods functions as a metatextual narrative.How might the use of archetypes be a great idea as well as an awful idea?

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