Each citation exercise will contain:MLA-style Works Cited entries for all readings assigned during this period15 quotations drawn from different places in the reading (at least one from each source)MLA-style parenthetical citations for each quotation(do NOT write a signal phrase)Please choose quotations that you find interesting, not just sentences that you pick out at random. You will be looking back at these assignments for inspiration and resources when you write your papers, so do yourself a favor and choose the very!Works Cited entries should be listed all together at the end of the document, in alphabetical order.To be successful, you must:Choose your quotations from varied places throughout the assigned textChoose the most interesting or usefulquotations Copy the quotations you choose exactly, with no errorsNumber each quotationto make sure that you have 15 totalInclude an MLA-style parenthetical citation(in-text citation)foreach quoteWrite MLA-style Works Cited citations for each reading at the endof the document Alphabetizeyour list of Works Cited entriesCite each selection from the Prison Writinganthology separatelyDouble-check all citations to make sure they are correct and they follow MLA rulesList of readings according to number

(ofcitation assignment:1.Johnson et al., PW“Introduction”,PW “Autobiography of an Imprisoned Peon”,PWLondon,Alexander pg. 20-58(5 sources, 3 quotes per source)

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