“Cloud Computing” In 500 words or more

·Identify the main challenges for provisioning the physical architecture layer with cloud technologies.

·Recommend methods to mitigate those challenges.

·Cite at lease two sources using APA style.

“Designing Tests” In 500 words or more

·Imagine that you work as a systems analyst for a midsized company.

·Explain your roles and responsibilities in designing and performing various testing for object-oriented systems and uncovering software bugs.

·Cite at lease two sources using APA style.

“Culture Issues” In 600 words or more

·Use www.google.com or www.bing.com to research organizational culture.

·Review articles or publications that describe how organizational culture influences project management.

·Next, identify three (3) organizational culture characteristics that influence project management success rates and explain how each characteristic influence project management.

·Cite at lease two sources using APA style.

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