Columbia Southern Portable Fire Extinguishers Classifications Presentation

You have been asked by a local company to conduct a training session for their staff on portable extinguishers. You will discuss the classifications, rating system, placement, use, maintenance, and testing of portable fire extinguishers. Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the items listed below.

  • Discuss the five portable extinguisher classifications.
  • Explain the portable extinguisher rating system.
  • Outline the placement of portable extinguishers (including mounting requirements).
  • Explain fire extinguisher operation and use.
  • Review extinguisher maintenance and testing requirements.

Support your assignment with at least two sources from the CSU Online Library. All information from outside sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying APA citations.

Include at least two graphics to support the information in your presentation. Your presentation must be a minimum of seven slides, not counting the title and reference slides.

I have attached three resources from the Columbia Southern University Library that needs to be used.

I will send more information

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