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One of the nurse’s primary responsibilities is health education and promotion.  It is important for the nurse to formulate an education plan that covers all members of the family.  Susie needs guidance on the change of roles from daughter to caretaker.  She will need to enhance her health literacy and become an advocate for her mother.  The nurse can help Susie improve her health literacy through education.  Mrs. Jones needs to adjust to being the patient and the one who needs care instead of the caretaker.  She will also need to become health literate so she can understand her multiple diagnoses.  The children will need education about the adjustment they are going through, they also will need to take on new roles as and help their mother more, for example taking on more responsibility around the house so that Susie can concentrate on her mother.I NEED YOU TO COMMENT THIS POST, NO MORE THAN 150 WORDS NEEDED AND A REFERENCE

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