Comparative rhetorical analysis essay

Use the following texts to complete your analysis:

“What, exactly, is ‘American exceptionalism’?” by Ian Tyrrell (…)

“American Exceptionalism” by The Editors of the National Review (…)

Compare the rhetorical strategies used by two writers and evaluate whose text you think is more appropriate for its audience, more likely to be effective in accomplishing the writer’s persuasive purpose. Your analysis essay should support your answer to the following questions: Which text is more likely to have to have successfully accomplished its rhetorical purpose? Which writer’s rhetorical strategies are more appropriate for the rhetorical situation?


Length: ~750 words (excluding Works Cited page)

Formatting: 12pt Times New Roman / 1-inch margins / MLA parenthetical citations and Works Cited page / Follow WHH pp. 311-322 model

I have attached the rubric below which has the specifications that need to be followed.

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