• Assignment 3: Analysis of Theories; Post to Bb by midnight, Jan 24th (15 points). Choose two counseling theories included in your readings for Weekend I. Write a 2-3 page paper, where you:

Compare and contrast the theories in terms of:

  • Their strengths and limitations in addressing diverse population of clients.
  • Their explicit or implied approach to wellness, resilience and prevention.
  • Their explicit or implied approach to spirituality.

Integrate research findings from at least 2 peer-reviewed counseling journal articles to support points made in above.

Please Note: You are not asked to simply summarize, report, or define concepts. Do not just list what each theory states. You are required to discuss similarities and differences between the theories. For example, when describing an apple and an orange, you may say: An apple is round, green or red, and could be sour or sweet. An orange has seeds, it is orange etc. If you compare them, you would say something like: In terms of color, the two differ; apples can be green or red; oranges are orange.

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