Beyond Republican and Democrat

Despite what many might believe, the United States is not just a two party country. Several other parties exist, languishing in

the shadow of the big two. In this activity you will examine the platforms of several other political parties, evaluating their positions and attempting to place them on the political spectrum you studied earlier in the unit.

Create a document titled “Comparing Political Parties.” In the document create a table:

Green PartyLibertarian PartyConstitution PartyTea Party
Foreign Policy
(add more you find interesting)

Place each party on a political spectrum line like in the first activity of the unit. You may include the Democratic and Republican parties on the spectrum if you wish.

After you have finished your research and completed the chart, write a short response explaining if this exercise has changed your ideas about your own political party.

Links to get you started:

Green Party:

Libertarian Party:

Constitution Party:

Tea Party:

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