Comparison of Research Articles

Choose two research articles published by a scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal on a current health care issue in the United States, controversial or otherwise.Topics:Suggested topics may include:A study of vaccinations and autism ratesMaternal health, fetal health, or elder healthDisease-based studies, such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseaseThe increasing rates of caesarean sections in birthratesManaged health care in the United StatesAny of the leading Health Indicator topics (2020 LHI Topics) profiled in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy People 2020 initiative websitePart OneComplete the attached “Article Comparison Table” to compare the two articles in terms of content, research methods, focus of the study, target audiences and subjects, and their possible impacts on the future of health care delivery.Part TwoWrite a 500-750 words analysis that includes the following:A summary of the topic you chose with rationale. (This may have personal significance to you or it may be a topic of particular interest that you have seen in the news.)An explanation of the significance of the two research studies to health care delivery in the United States.A description of the major functions provided by research and data monitoring of health care delivery in the United States.Identification of potential environments within health care delivery appropriate to research and data monitoring.Your assessment of the impact of the studies in your chosen articles in regards to health care delivery, incorporating and expanding on the information you provided in Part One. Were the studies intended to change or influence health care delivery? If so, how? If not, what are the implications of each study for health care delivery?Your assessment of the role the allied health professional plays, or could play, in research and data monitoring of health care delivery in the United States.

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