Compensation & Benefits

1. P. 52 onwards-Take any Saudi organization and map its compensation strategy and contrast it with Microsoft & SAS-refer to exhibit 2.8 given in the Chapter 2.2. P 195-197  -Chap 6-Answer comprehensively the four questions given at the end.3- Group Project:Each group will take any Saudi organization of choice, and will make a research on evaluating the compensation and benefits administration done in that company. Use it as a case study approach.The report will be due by the last day of the class. The report must be carrying around 2000 words consisting of at least 4 chapters.Chapter 1, introduction and your research objectives/methodology etc. ;chapter 2 will be review literature,chapter 3- profile of the company, and your main findings of the research.; andchapter 4 will be conclusion.inclode PPT with sumry no less than 8 slidesThe report will be analyzed on the basis of your originality of data, and rigor of the research adopted. For Report writing, adhere to 12 Times roman font size, and double space. Use APA style for report writing and referencing to the maximum.

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