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The goal of these assignments is to produce a thorough written review of several assigned scholarly articles on U. S. History to 1865. This article analyses essay must be typed in a Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double spaced with 1” margins. It must be between a minimum of five and a maximum of seven pages with a separate title page. The Title Pages for the reviews will have the title of the paper, the student’s name, the instructor’s last name, the name of the course, and the date the paper is turned into the Blazeview Dropbox. Each essay must include a discussion of the articles’ theses, methodologies, organization, place in the historiography of the subject matter, types of source used in the articles, and important terminology. It should also include your assessment of the works in question. There should be a thesis found in an introduction and restated in a conclusion that ties the assessment of these essays together. Each essay must be cited using endnotes in the Chicago Manual of Style. All the Article Analyses Essay assignments must be turned into the appropriate Blazeview Dropbox labeled by name (i. e. Article Analyses Essay #1) in the “Assignments” section. The Article Reviews will not be accepted after the posted deadlines. Failure to submit any Article Reviews will result in the student failing the course. Each Article Analyses Essay will be 10% of the final grade for the course.

Dear Students,

Concerning Article Analyses Essay 1, you need to analyze and assess each article, and you need to consider what they teach you as a unit. You need an introduction and a conclusion that uses what they teach you as a unit, and in the heart of the paper use your analysis and assessment of the articles to prove what you learned from the unit. Remember, your analysis of the articles must address the questions/issues listed in the assignment. The attachments with this email should help you with reading the articles and writing the essay.

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