This discussion board will actually cover both chapters presented in Unit 7 (C. 10 & 12). Because you will be, or have been, going through a detailed process of reviewing and reporting on the VR process in your case management course, I didn’t want to have you repeat information. So, for these next 2 weeks you will be completing 2 article reviews and posting only once for a 10 point discussion board.

Both articles selected discuss vocational outcomes. One is focused on the IPE and client goals and outcomes while the other touches on differences seen in outcomes based on the race of the client who is a veteran. You will read both and answer the questions in your discussion for both articles (so 2 sets of questions and answers).

Here are the citations for each and links to where you can access them:

Moore, C. L., Wang, N., Johnson, J., Manyibe, E. O., Washington, A. L., & Muhammad, A. (2016). Return-to-work outcome rates of African American versus White veterans served by state vocational rehabilitation agencies: A randomized split-half cross-model validation research design. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 59(3), 158-171. doi:10.1177/0034355215579917

RTW outcomes for veterans

Beveridge, S., & Fabian, E. (2007). Vocational rehabilitation outcomes: Relationship between individualized plan for employment goals and employment outcomes. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 50(4), 238-246. doi:10.1177/00343552070500040501

IPE outcomes and goals

For both articles you are to answer the following questions:

1. What question(s) does the research article hope to answer (i.e. the hypothesis)?

2. Briefly describe the methods used to conduct the research (qualitative vs quantitative, number of participants, data used).

3. Why is this research important?

4. What were the results of the study (what did the research find out that we didn’t know before)?

5. Were you surprised the results of the research?

6. How will you use this information as a practicing rehabilitation counselor?

You will have the entire unit to complete this discussion post in its entirety. However, you must complete your original post by November 1st or you will lose 2 points for it being late. This will be a substantial post with the 2 articles reviewed and I want to ensure that everyone has ample time to discuss each other’s opinions of the research. Once you have posted, you will be able to view your classmates’ posts and will comment on at least 2 other threads by the closing date of the unit, November 5th.

Here is the associated rubric, which is different than what is typically used:

Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Needs Improvement

Discussion post content

Responded to discussion by applying information from the articles with a substantial discussion post.

(3 points)

Responded to the discussion with brief information from the articles. (2 points)

Only discussed one of the two assigned articles.

(1 points)

Critical Thinking

Supported response by using information from your text and exhibiting critical thinking skills.

(2 points)

Supported response by using your text but showed limited critical thinking skills or did not reference text.

(1 point)

Text was not used to support response (0 points)


Responded to two classmates’ posts with a substantial comment to further stimulate the discussion.

(2 points)

Provided a limited response to the classmate or only responded to one classmate.

(1 point)

Did not respond to any classmates.

(0 points)


Original thread was posted by due date of 11/1/17 (2 points)

Original thread was not posted by due date of 11/1/17 (0 points)

APA format & Grammar

Posts are correctly formatted in APA style with appropriate citations and references. No grammatical errors. (1 points)

Posts formatted in APA style but with minor grammatical errors, or minor errors in APA formatting and no grammatical errors. (0.5 points)

No citations or references.

(0 points)

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