Conceptual Model of Hr – Total Rewards Paper

Please review guidelines and use the total rewards/compensation.

APA Style – in text citations and cite all sources.

Use at least 3 of the below sources in addtion to outside sources.

Milcovich, G. , Newman, J., and Gerhart, B. (2013). The pay model. McGraw-Hill Education.

Nelson, A. H. (2010). Total rewards: It’s more than just a paycheck. Society for Human Resources Management. See the PowerPoint file that is posted in our classroom.

Kaplan, S. L. (2007). Business strategy, people strategy and total rewards—Connecting the dots. Benefits & Compensation Digest, 44(9), 1.

Gross, S., Bundy, K., & Johnson, R. (2011). The ongoing integration of total rewards. Employment Relations Today (Wiley), 37(4), 11-17. doi:10.1002/ert.20316.

Sanches, J.I. (2003). Why, when, and how should a job analysis be conducted? Florida International University.

Loftus, J. C. (2013). The latest in total rewards–no longer simply ‘show me the money’. CPA Practice Management Forum, (12). 7.

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