Conventional Encryption discussion questions

In 5 pages, complete the following


You have been hired by a local company to consult with its security staff on encryption techniques. The staff has not been formally trained, so you will be demonstrating the principles of encryption through some simple exercises.

Use a two-stage transposition technique to encrypt a message. The following information is needed to complete this encryption:

  • Key: 2315746
  • Message: The transposition cipher technique works by permuting the letters of the plaintext. It is not very secure, but it is great for learning about cryptography (ignore the comma and the period in the message).

Prepare a Word document that explains this encryption technique. You should also include details as to how you arrived at your answer.

In addition, answer the following questions:

  • Is it possible to decrypt the message with a different key? Justify your answer.
  • Do you agree with the statement of the message? Provide examples to support your view.


As a way to gain some practice in decryption, design an exercise for your classmates using the two-stage transposition technique. Include the following:

  • Provide the information that will be needed for the exercise (a key and a message).
  • Share your thoughts about the goals of cryptography and cryptanalysis.
  • Offer explanations regarding how a cryptosystem is used to encrypt and decrypt messages.
  • Provide the answer to the exercise that you created.

Be sure to document your references using APA format.

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