Course Description Quality Management Systems, ETM 419, 3-0-3 hours, I and II; Prerequisite: ETM 319, ETM 320, or consent of instructor. A study of total quality concepts and their impact on the quality and competitiveness of products.

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1- Find a process/product/service for this assignment.

2- Perform DMAIC step to improve the process/product/service

2.1 Define: Describe the problem in the process/product/service

2.2. Measure: Measure the current state (i.e., document current situation for comparison analysis in future)

2.3. Analyze: Analysis the root cause: find the causes that contribute to the problem. You may use some graphical display (Pareto chart, Histogram, etc.)

2.4. Improvement: Find a scientific method (Design/Development/Implementation) to handle the problem.

2.5 Control: measure the impact of your scientific method and present a control plan for future.


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